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Warsaw, 46m2

We present a project of a two-room apartment in warm, cozy shades of beige and brown. The main idea was to create a classic interior with modern elements and interesting lighting. Gold accessories catch the eye and add elegance to the interior. The gold mosaic has become an eye-catching element that defines the perception of the bathroom. The wooden, natural floor definitely contributes to the warm reception of the interior, which was especially important for the client.

Seaside Cottage

Realization for: familyresortustka.pl We have designed the entire investment, including both the elevations and the interiors. The following proposal is for a cozy, moderately modern cottage by the Polish sea. Who would like to relax in such an interior?

Salon Spa

The interior design project for a hair salon spa that I have the pleasure of presenting is an avant-garde project with an unconventional design that evokes associations with modern hair salons in Los Angeles. The salon was designed to create a unique space that delights with its style and elegance. The salon owner opted for minimalism and space, which makes the interior appear very spacious and bright. The color scheme of the project is based on light beiges, whites, and grays, which are complemented by contrasting black elements.

27 m2, City center,Warsaw

Although we love grand spaces, we believe that delicate interiors, like this one, can be just as impressive and with each subsequent project of this type, we like to prove our point. When designing this 27 square meter studio apartment, we were faced with the challenge of creating a functional space without compromising on aesthetics. The client is a person with refined taste, loving sophistication and ornate details – we wanted our design to reflect these qualities in 100%. Our idea for this interior was to combine innovative, timeless, and recently trendy elements. Stucco, subtle lighting, popular in recent years lamellas, and expressive tiles, along with a unique, fluffy chandelier – combining these elements allowed us to create an expressive and characterful space that perfectly suited the future tenant. In this project, we also ventured to arrange the balcony space, which, in our opinion, should be as flowery as the interior itself. You don’t need vast spaces to achieve a colossal effect. Do you agree with us?

70 m2, Lublin

This time we had the opportunity to work on the interior of a new investment project in Lublin. This beautifully lit space with an area of nearly 70 square meters gave us a great field to showcase our skills. At the clients’ request, we created an interior with a modern elegance atmosphere, very bright, with a perfectly balanced amount of elegant details. The entire project is maintained in extremely fashionable beige shades. Neutral colored walls, accompanied by luxurious wooden flooring, provide a beautiful base for the timeless interior. Consistently applied gold details, skillfully arranged lamps, and delicate lighting create an atmosphere of elegance and coziness, making each subsequent room feel like the next chapter of a beautiful story. This interior is another example that combining chic with functionality is possible. In addition to taking care of the aesthetic values, we also made sure that there was enough storage space in the apartment – it accompanies us in every room from the entrance. We also managed to allocate space for necessary household appliances, planned a comfortable workplace, provided for overnight guests, and even took into account the needs of the owners’ feline companion.

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