Investor Zone

Take care of the unique style of every property!

HENDI Design not only creates designs for private apartments, but also willingly cooperates with developers and investors. HENDI Design is a studio that has been supporting people operating in the real estate market for years. As a company with many years of experience, HENDI Design has carried out dozens of investment projects for rent in various parts of Poland.

Investor Zone - Who is it for?

For individual investors looking to sell

HENDI Design offers interior design projects tailored for flips.

For Developers

HENDI Design offers the preparation of apartment arrangements for sales portfolios, the creation of materials regarding the interior design of a specific investment for promotional purposes, the development of conceptual layout proposals for investments, and the creation of show apartments.


For individual investors for rental

HENDI Design guarantees professional preparation of interior design projects for both long and short term rentals for individual investors.

Professional approach

HENDI Design has invaluable experience and necessary knowledge, which speeds up the design process and eliminates errors in planning.

Individuality of the project

We will create a unique design that will meet the individual needs and expectations of the developer and potential customers.

Knowledge of trends and innovations

HENDI Design has knowledge about current trends and innovations in interior design, which allows for creating a project that is compliant with the latest standards.

Increasing the value of real estate

An attractive and unique interior design can increase the value of a property and attract more potential clients.

Saving time and costs

Working with HENDI Design helps save time and costs as professionals can optimize the design process and procurement of materials.

Access to the best solutions

We have access to the best materials, furniture, and accessories that can be used in the project, which allows us to create a unique and tailored design.


Customer satisfaction

Well-designed interiors can increase customer satisfaction with the property and influence their positive opinions and recommendations, which will contribute to increased sales.


Working with HENDI Design is an ideal solution for investors who do not want to deal with renovations and property management on their own. The HENDI Design team also provides support in this area.

Warsaw Investor

We also encourage you to visit the profile of the Warsaw Investor, with whom HENDI Design has been cooperating for years. On the channel, you can find various projects implemented by HENDI Design.

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Classy Facade

As Hendi Design, we also provide assistance in the area of facade design for your "four walls". Below is an example visualization of a facade design project for a single-family house.

See Example Visualisation