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At HENDI Design, we specialize in interior design and implementation. Every client is a new, individual collaboration for us, which is why we flexibly adjust to your needs and expectations. Below, we present the details of our cooperation.

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When working with HENDI Design, you will benefit from attractive discounts on materials. The studio receives discounts from long-standing, trusted partners. Quality assurance goes hand in hand with saving money!” This message emphasizes the benefits of working with HENDI Design, which include access to high-quality materials at a reduced cost due to the studio’s relationships with suppliers. By offering attractive discounts, HENDI Design can help their clients save money without sacrificing quality, making their services even more appealing.

Stages I


We start by establishing a timeline for the project. We adjust our calendar to begin and end our collaboration at a convenient time for you. Then, we take care of the formalities related to our project and move on to discussions. During these conversations, we establish the main design principles, such as the estimated budget, necessary functional solutions in the project, the intended use of each room, decor, and any other issues that are essential to the effective and fully satisfying completion of the project." This message outlines the initial stages of the design process, which involve scheduling, formalities, and discussions with the client to establish the key parameters of the project. By working closely with the client to establish their needs and preferences, HENDI Design can create a customized and personalized interior design solution that meets their expectations.

Stages II

Next, we create several proposals for the layout of the apartment/house, showing possible functions, furniture arrangements, equipment, etc. Once we have established the final conceptual plan (interior layout and equipment), we can move on to creating photorealistic visualizations of individual rooms. We discuss the solutions and materials used, and we maintain constant contact with the client, so we can make continuous improvements to individual elements of the project." This message outlines the design process in more detail, including the creation of multiple proposals for the layout of the space and the use of photorealistic visualizations to help the client envision the final product. By maintaining open communication with the client throughout the process, HENDI Design can ensure that the project meets their expectations and is tailored to their unique needs and preferences.


Stages III


The next step is for us to prepare technical documentation, material lists, and a shopping list - from experience, we can say that this stage is the least engaging for the client. We take responsibility for the entire renovation process. We fully coordinate, select, order, and organize the transport of finishing materials. We collaborate with trusted subcontractors and renovation teams, whom we can recommend to our clients with full responsibility. We also provide cleaning services after the work is completed. The client has the option of purchasing our supervision, but we are always available to help our clients within the scope of the project. The implementation process is usually quite complex for a non-professional, which is why we help with communication with subcontractors, which streamlines the implementation process. The culmination of our cooperation is handing over a fully refined and completed interior. At this stage, you just need to pick up the keys and move in!" This message highlights HENDI Design's comprehensive approach to project management, which involves taking responsibility for all aspects of the renovation process, from selecting and ordering materials to coordinating with subcontractors and ensuring that the finished product meets the client's expectations.

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