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,,The style that is closest to my heart is definitely glamour. I like it when there’s a lot of shine, when it’s rich, and I love a huge amount of mirrors – my home describes these qualities. However, this doesn’t change the fact that I try to keep my finger on the pulse when it comes to trends in all styles – I’m not afraid of challenges, and at HENDI we can find ourselves in any style.”

~Paula Stankowiak

Paula Stankowiak

The founder of HENDI Design brand, the heart and mind of the whole company. A lover of real estate and interiors, she heads a top Warsaw architectural firm and specializes in creating unique projects tailored to each client. In her career path, she combines her profession with her passion. She believes that good communication with clients is the key to success. She finds inspiration everywhere – in hotels, restaurants, cafes, nature, and city infrastructure. Her favorite material is wood, which is timeless, durable, and can add coziness to any interior.

She loves stucco and mirrored elements, which beautifully complement the interiors. She enjoys designing in the soft glam style. She emphasizes how important it is to design spectacular interiors on a sustainable budget. She understands that clients with limited budgets also want to live beautifully; the task of architects is precisely to fulfill such dreams.


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At HENDI Design, architects also work, who support Paula Stankowiak with their talent and experience in the company’s operations and development. The HENDI Design team consists of individuals with both artistic souls and exceptional taste, as well as engineers who take great care of technical aspects with great precision. As a result, HENDI Design projects combine beauty and safety.

HENDI Design studio

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HENDI Design team

The HENDI Design team operates according to the principle of synergy – more than one architect works on each project, which allows for brainstorming and developing the most interesting solutions for the client. Having many different perspectives on the same project helps to eliminate any shortcomings and bring the final result to perfection. Each architect has their favorite style, so we are very flexible and can fulfill the dreams of the most avant-garde interior design.

We base ourselves on experience

HENDI Design has been on the market for over 7 years. The studio can boast of experience in designing apartments and premises of various sizes. Our smallest apartment project was 14.5 m², and the largest was as much as 450 m². No area will surprise us, and we will find the appropriate design and idea for each one! In addition, over 100 turnkey apartments completed by us give us broad knowledge about materials, most effective solutions, and the most profitable residential investments.

At HENDI Design, we take care of:

At HENDI Design, we value: